who are the hounds?

We’re just two guys who live for adventure. We’ve lived on three continents across ten cities (and counting) so we know a lot about ‘becoming a local’ and finding the best parts of culture. We’re pretty damn meticulous about planning the essential things that help us get the most out of exploring, so we thought, shit – why don't we share this with others? 

We feel the best experiences will happen when you least expect them. That’s why we created CULTURE HOUNDS. We’re obsessed with getting the basics sorted to make space for surprises. We’ll fetch the coolest essentials (like coffee that doesn't suck!) so you can focus on the experiences. CULTURE HOUNDS is a digital magazine that is curated for busy explorers to make the most out of their destination. So come join the pack on the hunt for great coffee, killer rooftop bars, next-level experiences, and the best street food. We’re here for it. 
Hudson & Cooper a.k.a. "The Boyzies"
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